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tv   Action News 6PM  ABC  June 3, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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big sorry on "action news" tonight was highway carnage, in the poconos. three people were killed and more than a dozen were hurt in the crash involving two tractor trailers and a charter bus it happened just after 10:30 i-380 in monroe county. david henry is live near the crash scene you have the full story. >> reporter: yes, we are in a neighborhood adjacent to i-380 that is a portion of the tractor trailer involved in this wreck they now have the bus lifted up off the ground by a train. they looking for a wrecker big enough to drag it away. >> people in the neighborhood witnessed a horrific scene here. >> a tragedy. i hope they find out what happened. >> it happened after 10:00 this morning police say that the accident initially involved two
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southbound tractor trailers, one went veering across the grass median and in the path of the northbound tour bus the driver and two other passengers were killed. seven others were rushed to the hospital. >> cheryl lives in the neighborhood adjacent to the highway. >> it was horrible people were just watching i didn't see that much but i did see a little bit. >> what werele people doing? >> they were panicking yelling and screaming. >> it was loaded with italian tourists on their way to niagara falls, two were killed along with the bus driver, the company says he was a valued employee with more than a decade behind the wheel and the passengers were on a tour of either united states including washington,
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philadelphia and new york and niagara falls. it virtually disintegrated the tractor trailer cab, but the owner and two small dogs were able to walk away. >> i was talking to my wife on the phone and letting her know, i have a family and kids be stuff and i'm on these roads avenue day six seven-days a week you know what i mean. >> crews are continuing their work out here to split up the heavy metal to get it off the highway, investigators are on the scene trying to piece it together to figure out how the sequence of events led to this terrible tragedy. >> david thank you. >> our coverage of the crash continues at our website, you'll find the latest on the investigation as well as a slideshow of images on the scene, it's there now on
6:03 pm >> the search is on for the armed bandit at this hour for the holdup of this branch of bank of america in plymouth meeting at plymouth road. dann cuellar is live now at the scene. >> reporter: well, authorities believe they have a serial bank robber on their hands authorities were on the scene here at 420 plymouth road, they were questioning witnesses and gathering evidence and going lieu all the surveillance footage. cameras captured clear images of the man that held up the bank of america at gun point that after foon. he fired his gun into the bank teller windows with an undetermined amount of cash, and police were on hand assisting in the investigation, police
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believe the man fled on foot. police believe he fired at someone at the window and missed or to show he was not fooling around, is he a black male in his 40s wearing a white cap and white t-shirt. they believe he is the same man that robbed the branch in bryn mawr on may 16th he got away with an undetermined amount of cash and there were no injuries there. >> the man is believed to have fled on foot east on plymouth road and should be considered armed and dangerous call the fbi or plymouth township police if you have any information. philadelphiamese say they shot an armed man near the train tracks in winfield today police encountered two suspects on hazelhurst street this morning.
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offers say they shot one man because he pointed a gun at them. the second suspect ran away and is at large tonight. authorities in the city of chester are not using the word arson yet but they certainly acknowledge it is suspicious. in less than one week, fire has attacked three dwellings on the 400 block of bickley place that is where "action news" reporter sara bloomquist is live tonight. three fires on the same block in less than a week stretching the bounds of coincidence one would think. >> reporter: and jim not even on the same block but the same side of the street and row homes right in a row, they want definite proof before labelling these fires arson but neighbors feel certain someone is tar getting their block. >> three fire in all the houses in the same row something is not right someplace. >> residents are living in fear
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after three fires in four days on this block in bickley 410 bickley was the first fire and residents were forced out into the night to escape the flames. >> my mother is 68 years old and woke me up for a fire and i said again? this is ridiculous. firefighters were called to 420 and the next happened early monmorning at 418 and both homes are vacant. the red cross is assisting 28 people seven families that are displaced. >> fortunately there are no injuries and that is our primary concern. >> police have officers on constant patrol and neighbors suspect an arsonist has some how managed to elude them. >> i think someone is buying up these houses and properties and getting them cheap and coming
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back and rehabbing the houses and charging you an arm and leg for it. that is what i think. >> a task force with state police and the criminal investigation division and chest ever police and fire are all involved in the ongoing investigation. >> we are waiting for the final report from the investigators to label this arson or not. >> we'll get all the resources to find out what is going on here, it's devastating for the people that live here and devastating for the city. >> investigators tell us it could be a few days before there is an official ruling on these fires, meantime the red cross continues to care for the 28 people providing food, lodging and clothing and the red cross inteps to be back here tomorrow morning to hand out smoke deckers. >> thank you sara. we want to show you a video
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of a close call in upper darby watch the yellow car veer off the road on westchester pike yesterday, the car narrowly missed a man sitting on a bench they referred to him as the luckiest man alive. >> nobody was hurt including the driver, just as he left a court hearing for a careless driving violation, one man is recovering from an accident on the campus of east charter school in pennsylvania. the tree service worker was trying to take down a dying oak tree but he was injured by a crane he was using toppled over, the man is expected to be okay. philadelphia police and osha are both investigating. preparations are being made for this weekend's funeral for beau biden president obama is expected to deliver a eulogy for
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a 10:00 a.m. mass on saturday at saint anthony roman catholic church in wilmington. the secret service was there today reviewing security and it's the last of memorial services and friday there is a public viewing at the same church. there is word tonight that 720 people will lose their jobs in chester county sackorski will lay off their employees they make helicopters for offshore oil and gas platforms but lower oil prices have taken its toll. a convicted cop killer is sentenced for the murder of philadelphia police officer, moses walker jr. and lesean
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mccoy sounds off again on chip kelly. >> and we are tracking true summer like weather, we'll let you know when in accuweather. >> those stories and more when "action news" continues tonight.
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if you want a paint with no harsh fumes. if you want a paint without harmful chemicals. if you want a paint that's safer for your family, and the environment... only this can. natura from benjamin moore. paint like no other. certified asthma and allergy friendly by the asthma and allergy foundation of america. this pair has been accused of stealing $47,000 of copper wiring from toms river township they caught david smith and patrice with wire cutters in winding river park they determined they were responsible for recent thefts in the area
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and caused damage to township property during the alleged crimes. a philadelphia man is sentenced to life behind bars for the murder of a philadelphia police officer. vernon odom has the story. >> reporter: it's mandatory lincoln financial in prison for convicted cop killer rafael jones, a career criminal his arrest record dating back to age 12 at a non-jury trial he was convicted of murdering police officer moses walker jr. as he walked in civilian clothing on august 15th 2012. >> rafael jones along with another career criminal, chaney mcfarland at cb moore looking for easy victims and they set upon officer walker thinking he was in fac a temple student. >> impact statements from officer walker's mother and a
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long time colleague the first cop to the crime scene finding out it was his long time friend that was killed. >> if i could turn back the hans of time to get there earlier i would have done that. >> this is just another page in this chapter, we are happy that justice was serving and he is off the streets, but it's never over. >> rafael's attorney vows to appeal. >> i go against brutal cops and thuggish cops, it's rare when the defense and prosecution can see that the officer was a great person and in fact a hero. that is what moses walker was. >> at no point during his hearings has rafaeld
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remorse. and johnny's italian restaurant in wissinoming is holding an all day dining benefit for craig's two small children, she died in the line of duty in a burning home in west oak lane in december the fundraiser will run until 9:00 tonight.
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guess who is talking about chip kelly he is going to wear a buffalo bills uniform come football season. it's lesean. >> they will play the eagles this fall. it's a story that won't go away. in a story earlier, he stopped short of calling the coach racist but implications were made and mccoy talks about it again, he does not expand or
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recant he just gets angry. >> everything is over, i have nothing more no say about it. >> everybody can make their own thoughts and assumptions about it. >> you questioned the racial motivations on chip kelly's decisions between you desean. >> did you hear me i'm not talking no more about chip kelly or the eagles. i am done with that. >> why don't you think the discussion of race in america deserves elaboration. >> i don't have to explain myself to nobody i'm done with that. >> for most nfl teams success relies on the quarterback's arm and it's knees that may hold the answer for sam bradford. >> sam bradford is in a new city but helping the quarterback
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through it a familiar face, pat shermer, his coordinator when he set multiple records and was coordinator in 2010. >> we know he has the skill set to play well and do well in our offense. >> love the tempo and i love how fast we play it fits me making quick decision zplz bradford came up from time to time with the eagles coaching staff. and when it came up to trading he when to pat shermer and he told him go get him. >> i have a strong good opinion of sam and what he can accomplish. you know had he been able to stay healthy, you know he would not have been available for us. so when the deal was getting made i had my fingers crossed. >> now shermer be the eagles are
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enclosing their fingers that bradford can stay healthy. jeff skversky channel 6 "action news." phillies reds again tonight and cole hamels gets the ball and has never lost to the reds is he 9-0 against them. and miguel frafrpg oh hit a two out homer to tie the game at 4-4 and they won 5-4 to snap the seven game skid. and he dominates the clay and today is he dominated by djokovic. next up for djokovic is andy murray, that is sports. coming up on "action news," adam joseph, with the accuweather forecast, when we continue in just a moment.
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might we start to dry out? adam joseph and accuweather. >> perfect timing for saturday and sunday to get the sun in full force. as we look at stormtracker 6 live double scan it has improved since yesterday we had the persistent showers and now only a couple of areas having spotty showers and it's in this entire direction from stop harbor to sea isle city and trying to make its way north of ocean city and drying up at that point and southern delaware seeing a couple of showers in the afternoon and evening hours as we head towards cape may on sky
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6 a chop over the water and dreary looking and chilly and temperature its only in the 50s with the on and off rain today at the shore and not much changes tomorrow at the shore big temperature swings over the last 72 hours and more showers in the forecast as we head into thursday, but we went from the air conditioners to the heaters, people said i have to put my heat back on and we hit our highest temperatures of 92 hot degrees on sunday on monday it was 76 and it was the chilliest june temperature we have seen in the afternoon in is it years in philadelphia and today we are back up to 70 degrees, more showers coming into the forecast for your thursday and not heavy rain, and it's pushing back to the north and the best chance of spotty showers and southern new
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jersey and delaware. 58 sea isle city and the boardwalk 58 and winds draining in off the chilly ocean and 54 and better to the north with a break of sun or two this afternoon, satellite and radar the breaks of sun long gone and building in from the south and low pressure off the carolinas inching to the north and a damp chilly night and 52 toms river and cape may 55 degrees with a late shower developing and with that low closer by tomorrow and the high pulling away in new england, it's mosty cloudy and mainly confined south of philadelphia at 56 degrees and the low fades away here as the cold front approaches from the north on friday but between the two more clouds and early sprinkles on friday and warmer coming in at 73 degrees before high pressure comes in behind the front and that could supply the broughter weekend as the high pulls in from canada.
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the exclusive accuweather forecast, a cool cloudy day tomorrow and lingering clouds on friday and maybe a pop of sun and 73 but we can promise that saturday afternoon it turns sunny with the high coming in 82 warm degrees with the low humidity and great on sunday with highs in the 70s and more summer like monday tuesday and wednesday, a good shot on monday for showers and thunderstorms and then warm and muggy tuesday into wednesday. it's quite a dreary week but good timing for the weekend. >> thank you adam. finally young danners had a chance to experience firsthand all it takes to be a dancer in a broadway show. >> seventh and eighth grade students received a lesson of cast members from the musical the lion king, it's playing at the academy of music through
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sunday june 14th. saw simba there somewhere. "action news" continues at 10:00 on phl 17 with brian taff, adam joseph, and ducis rogers and join us for "action news" at 11:00 here on channel 6. for cecily tynan ducis rogers adam joseph and the entire "action news" team, i'm jim gardner we hope you'll join us at 11:00.
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tonight we're on the scene. two major crashes, both deadly on american highways. a rig crossing the immediatemedian smashing head on into a tour bus. while in the south, another bus slamming into the back of a big rig. the images coming in now. the alleged terror plot in boston. new developments tonight. federal authorities now say the suspects were planning to behead police officers. the x ray revealing the weapon. one taken down another arrested. the hurricane growing at this hour. and in the middle of this country, the super cells overhead. tornado threats from denver to kansas city at this hour. new evidence in the case of the family killed. that fire set. tonight, the new discovery on the door of the home. and, breaking their silence. the duggars of "19 kids and counting" talking for the first time about their accused son.


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